We all want our investments to grow. At Blueprint Wealth Management, during the building phase of the investment cycle, we focus our efforts on accumulating new wealth for our clients, while protecting the wealth they have already achieved. We maximize returns according to your personal risk tolerance level. In order to safeguard future funds and investment opportunities, we hold fast to the principle of “spend less than you make.” Our diversification strategies ensure that your investments are regularly balanced and calibrated to changing market conditions. Blueprint wants to be your trusted advisor. We want to teach you fundamental principles in financial planning. Did you know that minor increases in your rate of return over time might cause a dramatic increase in your fund balances? Or that proper tax planning plays a crucial part in your investment strategy?


You are accumulating wealth. Maybe more than you expected. So how do you handle unexpected abundance? During the living phase, we partner with you in your journey to live wisely with your wealth. Blueprint Wealth Management offers investment solutions with a purpose, helping clients enjoy the fruits of their wealth, while protecting them from the pitfalls of affluence. We offer strategic and streamlined investment solutions, freeing our clients from the burdens of managing multiple portfolios and understanding complicated tax implications. Now, instead of working for your money it is time to start letting your money work for you.


What does leaving a legacy mean to you? Blueprint Wealth Management helps clients create a succession plan that is significantly meaningful. With our assistance, you will navigate decisions to arrive at a wealth distribution strategy that will shape a profound and lasting legacy. Each one of us desires to give a meaningful gift to future generations. Have confidence that your plan to transfer your wealth to the next one will be flawless.

“Blueprint Wealth Management has proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner. We are grateful to have a Financial Advisor that takes the time to explain the details of financial planning and investments that can be complicated and cumbersome. We are confident that the team at Blueprint makes decisions in our best interest, based on the personal values and vision we have established for our family. Mindful of the goals we have set, Blueprint consistently and attentively cares for our family, providing the assurance to know we are on track in all things financial.”

- Todd Cordes, International Paper